Luxembourg – Vianden

We left the camp site about 10am and after a few kilometres found ourselves driving through Belgium, the road surfaces were atrocious it certainly shook the contents of Homer around. After about 20k we were back in Germany and on the whole the roads improved, today all our travelling was on smaller roads that wound its way through forests, scenic countryside and small villages, every where looked as though the inhabitants weren’t short of money.

Eventually we reached our stop off point Vianden, here there is a historic chateau/ fortress that has been restored to a high level. We started our visit by catching the telesiege(chairlift) to the top of a high hill outside town, have to say I don’t like them but on a brave face as we swung over the river and looked down onto people’s chimneys. At the top there is a cafe so we sat on the terrace looking out at the chateau and had a drink and a snack.

From there we descended 400m down a narrow path through woodland to the chateau entrance, it cost 15 euros for our entrance fee, a one euro deduction for me being a senior citizen. We had a good look around and was impressed by the way it had been renovated to make it look as it would have done centuries ago, there was a connection from its historic owners to the UK through William and Mary.

We wandered down into the town and had a coke by the river before the last 13km drive to the camp site, Camping Gritt at Ettelbruck. we travelled 79 miles today.

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