Monschau – Eifel Natur Park

We were up early this morning, Bedia Arzu’s daughter had to catch the 8 0’clock school bus and Wolfgang and Arzu wanted to get to Aldi early as Monday is special offers day. We also needed to stock up our fridge with food for the next two days. When we got back we packed Homer and said our farewells and left at 10.45 am.

First problem was the mirrors on the left hand side of Homer had been moved by someone/ something and we had to stop to readjust them asI couldn’t see traffic on my left. Then after about 10 miles the rear left hand side indicator bulb stopped working, we pulled into some services and with the aid of some insulation tape and a blob of blu tack we fixed the problem hopefully until we get back to the uk.

We got to the camp site ” Camping Perlenau” at Monschau in the Eiffel Natur park at 2.30 pm a distance of 120 miles. We filled up with fuel outside Monschau and since the last fill we have managed an average of 31 mpg.

The camp site is in the bottom of a valley, it is linear and follows the banks of a river, it is surrounded by hills covered with both deciduous and fir trees. There’s a lot of room on site for tents, caravans and motorhomes, but today only about 20 units are parked up. It costs 24 euros per night, there are a range of good facilities and there is a restaurant/ cafe on site, the wifi is free but you have to be next to reception to pick it up. The people on site are a mixture of German, Dutch and English.

We found a spot with very few people near us and quickly set up, within 20 mins we were settled and had opened a cool beer each. We were just relaxing when the site owner decided to mow the grass, when he reached us he mowed around our outside ground sheet and around Homer, we were covered in grass! Very bizarre.

We had a bbq for tea and I was just writing up this blog when an English couple stopped to chat, they are staying for two nights and are  on a circuitous route to Croatia, they have done a lot of travelling over the years, we chatted for quite a while and it turned out that they were from Stone, not far from us.

The end of the evening was spent sitting out with a glass of wine with a new moon and stars in the sky.

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