Large Lawn

Small drawback of owning a French property with a hectare of land is the constant battle to keep the grass short. It’s only been 6 weeks since I last cut the grass immediately adjacent to the house but on arrival it was already 30cm high!

We have in theory the equipment to cope with such a situation, now possessing a fleet of two sit on mowers and a small tractor with a grass cutter attachment, so why is it every time you start up one of them after putting them away working correctly, there’s a problem. The mower to the left acquired from our good friends Gwen and Jimmy is superb once the grass is reasonably short, the mower on the right works with grass up to about 20 cm high but struggles after that, it was put away in February working perfectly, but on starting up this time will only cut on the left blade, the other refuses to move.

But hey ho, no matter we have the tractor.IMG_0331.JPGAt the end of last October it developed a fault on the arm that lifts the cutting attachment up and down, it needed a new check chain to stop it fouling the tyre, visits to the local French tractor outlets were fruitless so over the winter I sourced a new one fromTractor Factory based in Oswestry.  A simple job to replace and away we should go mowing. But no, the nut that held the old one on refused to budge, penetrating oil and heat made no difference, so I had to resort to the angle grinder.

An hour later everything was reassembled and with the help of my sous chef/ navigator we attached the grass cutter ready for my foray into the undergrowth.IMG_0336.JPGThe first cut, only 3 acres to go. Probably need a beer, a French 33 to sustain me.

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