Beginnings and Endings.

July 26th 2017

Seven years ago almost to the day I retired after 41 years at work. However because the other half is younger and was still at work it has meant that I’ve been up early every morning to taxi her to work and course been there to bring her back at the end of the day. Our holiday patterns have been determined by her work timetable, with us having to travel at expensive times.

However yesterday was her last day at work! An ending to one stage of her life and the beginning of another for both of us, typically we were still wide awake at the normal time this morning as though it were a work day.

One small leaving gift she received was a wall plaque with the message:






So now we have that chance and hope to take full advantage!

Sadly this morning we attended the funeral of a neighbour who recently died at the age of 90, an ending to a long life that was a happy one, but as her house will be sold it will be the beginning of a new family in the house and new neighbours.

Tomorrow “weem off “again, a new adventure a new journey, and as we haven’t booked a return ticket we have no idea of the ending.

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