Ile de Oleron

September 11th 2017

With the last of our guests leaving yesterday we took the decision to start our slow journey home a day earlier. The weather is changing and is becoming unsettled, locally people are saying Autumn has arrived early and already the leaves are falling off trees, today we have had blustery weather and the occasional heavy shower, people are walking around in winter coats and woolly hats, we are still comfortable in shorts and a fleece.

We have travelled 144 miles today, going north west to the coast, we stopped for lunch at Talmont, just south of Royan and then travelled on to the Ile de Oleron where we are parked up for the night on aire at Boyardville, costing 9 euros including electrical hookup.

Ile de Oleron is connected to the mainland by the longest bridge in France constructed in 1966, it is 1.8 miles long, the island is the second largest French island after Corsica. It is famous for its oysters.

Where we are staying tonight is on the coast and there are boats moored in the marina and on the river, there’s a beautiful sandy beach and just off shore Fort Boyard the home to a game show that was on TV for many years.

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