Tara a bit Round Up 4

September 10th 2017

Over the past four days sadly our guests have departed, as the other recent blogs show we have been out and about during the past week and we have also continued working on the house and grounds as the following photos show. There has been some training on tractor driving and maintenance and other agricultural skills.











We have also cut up enough logs to keep us going when we next return in the winter.

When we spend more time here and at different months of the year you become more aware of the rhythm of the life, ploughing, harvesting, tractors with bales of hay passing by, then trailer loads of logs for the winter and currently it is the hunting season.

Sunday is the day you become most aware with guns going off from early morning, they do however have a cut off point of midday, today we have been very aware of the local hunting association being in the fields next to us. There is obviously a system in place with half the group tearing around in vans with dogs, pulling up and shouting instructions and then roaring off again whilst the other half stand still in the field for hours, the sound of tthe dogs and hunting horns growing ever increasingly louder. Some years back rules were brought in that camouflage clothing couldn’t be worn anymore as the hunters shot each other so now they have a new “camouflage” the man in the field is our neighbour Joel.

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