St Pol-de-Leon via Pointe de L’ Arcouest

Monday 18th September 2017

We have had virtually no phone signal for the past 24 hours so posting a blog etc has been difficult.

Sadly we left yesterday’s aire and I’m sure that Le Palus Plage will live in my heart forever, having said that the coastal scenery here in Brittany is stunning, I would urge anyone to visit, it’s like a Cornwall but with more space. We made a detour to Pointe de L’Arcouest and boy am I glad we did, there was an aire there that we could have stayed on for up to 3 days and although there were no food shops etc if you were well stocked what an amazing place to stay. There were boat rides around all the islands just off shore and you could walk for miles and spend hours on its rocky foreshore, the following photos don’t do it justice and unfortunately my main camera has run out of charge. Look it up on google!


















We stopped at a medieval town called Treguier for lunch and then made our way to this aire at St Pol-de-Leon where we have a view across a tidal bay and a long peninsular jutting out to sea, even now at 8pm it is sunny and pleasantly warm.

Tonight is our last night on French soil, sad but c’est la vie!

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