Le Palus Plage

Sunday 17th Sept 2017

We drove 90 miles today mainly on a large A road so it was easy motoring, our destination of an aire at Le Palus Plage, it is basically a field with no facilities in a small bay next to a gorgeous beach. So peaceful and attractive.

After lunch, along with other motor homers French, German and us English,  we helped a French couple extract their motor home from the mud in which he’d managed to get bogged down, an example of European co-operation with no mention of Brexit.

We took a long slow walk along the beach, the tide was out and the sand firm and pleasant to walk on, at the far end of the bay we spent a happy hour “rockpooling” but only returned with a few pretty shells. As it was Sunday we treated ourselves to confit duck for tea and were so stuffed we couldn’t manage any dessert so instead we went for a further long walk, starting with a climb up to the headland, then another walk along the beach and finished with a walk along one of the country lanes, quite ready for a glass of red on our return.

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