Mont Saint Michel

Sept 16th 2017

Well we are no longer stranded in La Guerche de Bretagne, I’m pleased to say that 10.15 am a mechanic arrived clutching a shiny new starter motor, 15 mins later he gave me the thumbs up to turn the ignition key and Homer burst into life, what a relief it was. I went across to the garage to pay and came out 10 mins later 426.14 euros worse off, what can you say, its all part of owning any vehicle and the original part was 17 years old, I’m just pleased there was a garage there to deal with it and the part was found.

We phoned Alison and Peter to say we were on our way and approx 90 mins later arrived at the aire at Beauvoir near Mont St Michel, it costs 15.5 euros per night but it is a very attractive aire with large individual pitches.

Alison and Peter were waiting and after we had parked up we jumped into their car and drove to the designated parking for the free shuttle buses to Mt St Michel, we spent a good three hours wandering around in lovely sunshine and had a great time. I could write reams about the place but it is just as easy to look it up on google, all I will say is after you get past the first 100m of the commercial element it is a fascinating place to walk around.

We returned to Homer for a tea/ coffee and sat and chatted for a while we then walked approx 100m into the village and enjoyed an evening meal returning to Homer at approx 9.45pm.

After the trauma of the past few days it was good to be on the road again but there was a pleasure in knowing we’d had a problem and been successful in dealing with it.

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