La Guerche de Bretagne

Friday 15th Sept 2017

We are parked up in an aire/ car park in the centre of La Guerche de Bretagne, its free and there are electrical points that can be used. We got here yesterday afternoon the 14th via Ancenis a town on the Loire where we had lunch, we drove 129 miles to get here, not always easy driving as the sat nav took us along some strange routes.

We have a very limited connection to the internet and phone signal  so communication is difficult and I can’t upload photos to this blog.

We didn’t intend to be here, other than for a quick night stop, but life doesn’t always go smoothly, this morning when I went to start Homer he wouldn’t start, I suspected a dead battery and assumed the need for a new one. I tried twice to contact the breakdown service but because of poor phone reception kept losing the signal. So as there was a garage about 50 m away I decided to take the direct approach. I explained the problem and not long after a mechanic walked across, he checked the battery and decided that was fine, further investigation resulted in the discovery that the starter motor had burnt out, I learned the French for starter motor from this. Of course not being a common vehicle, even though it’s a Fiat Ducati engine, the obtaining of a replacement isn’t easy. The outcome is that the replacement won’t arrive until tomorrow, Saturday and so we are having to spend another night here. At least it’s free to stay, which as the new starter motor is at least 300 euros, plus the cost of fitting we need to save somewhere.

One small consolation is that there is everything we need within a few hundred metres of where we are parked,  bars, restaurants, bread and cake shops, supermarket etc, plus we always carry enough food in Homer for at least two days meals in case we can’t get to a shop.

So it’s an enforced rest for us, we were aiming to get to Mont St Michel today to stay for two nights as we are meeting up with Peter and Alison tomorrow, so now it will only be a one night stop and not much of a day together tomorrow. Never mind plans have to be altered at times and thankfully we have the flexibility to do so.

Fingers crossed we are on the road again tomorrow.

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