Taraabit – Round up 7

April 26th 2018

We are back in the UK after a 20 hour journey home, the journey up through France went smoothly and we tried a new ending of the journey to Le Havre by staying on the motorway, it was further but quicker. Then of course we hit the UK and road works with motorway closures, driving in the dark and rain along detours that didn’t seem to lead to our route home became a problem, but using the Sat Nav we eventually rejoined the correct route and arrived home at 1.30 am.

Our time in France was made pleasurable by lovely weather and it was great to spend our time in T shirts and shorts and refresh the tan, at the house we did a few jobs and took rubbish to the tip, we mowed and weeded as much as time allowed. It is quite normal to help other house owners out here and I spent one (very hot) day helping Peter with a problem with his sewerage system which saw me with my head down holes in the ground and in fosse septic tanks, thankfully we discovered the problem and Peter will be able to solve the problem once he has sourced a new water pump.

We joined friends on two occasions at two different restaurants for quiz nights, at the first in Beaupoyet, after a tie breaker we came second and at the second restaurant inEgyurande, we were the winners getting vouchers for a reduced meal at the restaurant. We enjoyed a visit to a vide grenier and I bought a new item to convert into a lamp.

Layla settled in quickly at the house and in the field, it was her first experience of hot weather and she developed her own strategies for staying cool, one favourite was to squeeze under the settee and sleep there cooled by the wind blowing through the house. Her hunting instinct came to the fore as she chased and caught flies, wasps and flying insects she also enjoyed ants and beetles, bees weren’t safe but I fear she will learn the hard way about stings!

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