Taraabit Round up 8.

May11th 2018

Things have seemed quiet since our last foray ended on the 25th of April on our return from France. Our next trip is planned to commence at the end of May.

We decided to use the time in between to achieve a few tasks, our eldest daughter is getting married on May 26th and this has been taking up some of Michelle’s mental energy as we look forward to the happy day.

Layla had reached an age where a hard decision had to be made, should she be spayed or not? In the end we decided yes, we didn’t want to breed from her and if she should come into season whilst we were on our travels it could cause some problems and attract dogs from miles around. So 10 days ago she had the operation, for the first few days she wasn’t quite herself but I’m happy to say she is now fully back to her mischievous self, tomorrow she has her final visit to the vets to make sure all is well.

Our day to day vehicle a Peugeot 3008 developed a knocking noise from the front near side wheel just before the May Day bank holiday weekend and so we had to wait 6 days before the Peugeot dealers could repair it, this somewhat curtailed our chances to take trips out and so we spent the time readying the garden for the summer, thankfully the car was covered by its warranty.

As mentioned in previous blogs we never make speedy progress in Homer and driving up hills requires a degree of patience, I came to the conclusion the Turbo was at fault, googling the problem came up with a few possible problems and I hoped a replacement Turbo wasn’t going to be need as that would be very costly. I took Homer into a local garage we use regularly and went home with fingers crossed, a few hours later I had a phone call to say it was sorted the pin on the waste gate valve lever had snapped and they had welded it back together. A huge sigh of relief and it only cost £85, many thanks to A J D Motor Services. We took Homer for a test drive and we flew up a hill in 4th, wow.

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