Builth Wells

May 17th 2018

We have a 36 hour gap with no commitments so as the sun is shining we have escaped in Homer to White House campsite right in Builth Wells.

The journey here was easy and joy, oh joy and joy again what a difference driving Homer is with a working turbo! We cruised along in 5th gear, shot up hills in 4th, accelerated when we needed to and overtook a tractor on a short stretch of road.

The camp site borders the River Wye and we are camped up about 10m from the river with its glittering surface framed in our windscreen. We took Layla for a walk along the river and she enjoyed a long play in the water which was good to see as she seems to be a bit off colour today. We haven’t walked the few hundred metres into Builth Wells itself as we are saving that delight for tomorrow.

The sun is shining it’s wonderfully warm so after another walk with Layla I think it will be an evening sat outside with a drink or two, cheers.

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