White House Campsite and Builth Wells.

May 18th 2018.

This is a very pleasant and well maintained campsite, a lovely flat field with the grass cut short, the toilet/ shower block is both adequate and acceptable being kept spotlessly clean, there would be a draw back in cold weather as there is no heating.

We spent the afternoon sitting in the sunshine and watching people arrive at the site, there is an Agricultural Festival taking place this weekend at the show ground here and as a result the site is busy.

There are a reasonably equal distribution of the number of tents, caravans and motorhomes with people groups ranging from people on their own, retired couple, family groups etc so a good eclectic mix. It was as is often the case very amusing watching people set up. there are those who within 15 mins are set up and sitting outside with a cuppa, caravan era whose cars seem to be rammed with everything under the sun which is the carried into the caravan. A couple putting up a tent with the canvas inside out and another couple who had obviously an important pole to their awning missing and had to take it back down where it was kicked under the caravan. The units where it appears to be the mans role to set up and the woman waits on patiently, VW owners who seem able to pull up and throw down a check blanket sit down and immediately look at home. Where do we fit into that, I would say the first in the list, the electrics are plugged in, the kettle put on and if the weather is ok, the chairs put up, we try to be organised.

Builth Wells is in the Welsh county of Powys at the confluence of the River Irfon and the River Wye. It’s history dates from post Roman Times and there has been a settlement here consistently since that time. The river is fordable here and it became a strategic military post, the river is now spanned by a bridge which was built in the 18th century. There was a motte and bailey castle built in the 1270’s the mound of which is still in the town now, we did try and visit it today but there are sheep roaming around and it didn’t seem wise with Layla. The town has links with Llewelyn Ap Gruffud, Prince of Wales who was killed here in fighting by the Normans.

The town still retains it character, the shops are small and there are retailers for most things you need, there are no large supermarket outlets, plenty of cafes and pubs and a few take aways. We enjoyed a pleasant time walking around this morning concluded with a coffee and a raspberry muffin.

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