Bonfire and Profanities.

With apologies to Tom Wolf for adapting the title of his book/ film for my own means, his being Bonfire of the Vanities.

Usually in the Spring and again in the Autumn we find it necessary to have a bonfire to rid ourselves of hedge trimmings, thin branches from tree lopping and other bulky unwieldy items we don’t want to take to the tip. With regard to the Autumn fires many members of the family have been involved in their making, and there will be clear memories of dragging branches or wheeling the wheelbarrow to the fire.One enduring memory is of dad whose duty it was to keep an eye on the fire, he loved poking at it as it got small enough for him to approach and on several occasions he melted the rubber bung off the end of his walking stick.Todays fire was much smaller and easily kept under control, until that is a large ember shot out of the fire and landed on my sweater and burnt a hole through it scorching the T shirt underneath. That was the first profanity, apart from being a bit bobbly it was a perfectly good jumper, only about 15 years old and with many years of life left in it, it was sacrificed on the fire.Second profanity came about from the result of a new sack of cement splitting open in the boot of the car spilling some of its contents on the floor and when I attempted to unload it much of  the rest ended up on my shorts, converting them from blue to grey!

It’s a good job Michelle loves cleaning and washing.

For the rest of the day we have continued with our pottering, putting extra finishing touches to the kitchen surface and the working on putting up extra fascia board on the rear of the house on the single storey extension. Michelle has done a wonderful job of staining the board and tomorrow I will plaster the gap underneath.

Why is she wearing the hat you may ask? We are not allowed to mention the sunburnt forehead! Thankfully she hasn’t a grand tête and my hat fits.

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