September 14th 2018

When you leave A with destination B in mind having researched it and looking forward to getting there, then the route in between can become a bit of a drag, today felt a bit like that. It was our own fault as we decided to put some miles on the clock and unfortunately there wasn’t a lot in the scenery on the way to wow us.

We stopped for lunch at Parthenay and as were eating in Homer four cars of character being driven by four Englishmen pulled into the car park, they were on tour together and it was something they did regularly.

Our aire for tonight is on an island in the middle of the River Loire at Saumur, it cost 12.5 euros for the night and had a fiddly system to get in by paying by card, some people have had an equally difficult time getting out so tomorrow could be interesting. Saumur is an attractive town with its white buildings and is situated on the banks of the Loire, it has ancient narrow streets packed with a large variety of shops, something for everyone. Towering above the town is the ancient Château de Saumur which has wonderful views across the area.We spent a great time wandering around Saumur and if we’d had the time we could easily have spent tomorrow here as well as there were many other historical buildings we would have enjoyed seeing.

After our evening meal we took Layla for a long walk around the island we are on, she chased rabbits, had a paddle and attempted to follow a man onto his houseboat, usual chaos for her. It was quite dark by the time we returned.

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