Matha via Cognac.

September 13th 2018.

After a visit to deposit money in the French bank and a trip to fill up with diesel we left Montpon at 10.30 am this morning.

We spent yesterday evening and a part of this morning ramming every square inch of Homer with food, wine, objects we have gathered on our travels and items we are taking home for others, there’s hardly room for us.

We drove north via Chalais and headed for Cognac, we found it hard to find parking for Homer and ended up parked by the side of the River Charente in a 90 min zone. We were very close to at least two of the famous Cognac producers but of course with our amazing ability to time things wrongly, they were shut for lunch.

After a quick snack we went for a walk around Cognac and found it very interesting and I’m sure we will return in the future, we would have found it difficult to find room for any more bottles, even though Michelle has a penchant for Pinot Charente, my suggestion of jettisoning some of her shoes didn’t go down well.

We drove north from Cognac to Matha, a small countryside town where the free aire we are staying in tonight is in the grounds of a chateau and we are parked close to the old gatehouse. We have enjoyed several long walks around the area with Layla and she is currently snoring away under the table.

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