Sainte Suzanne

September 15th 2018

Apart from one minor hitch we’ve had a good day today travelling through some attractive towns and villages with more varied scenery. The minor hitch! Many of the petrol stations are sited at supermarkets and are automated so you can only pay by card, however we find them very temperamental and often refuse to accept our cards. This morning this happened with my first card, it then accepted my second card but refused to deliver any fuel, by now there was a queue behind me so I gave up and drove off. Twenty kilometres down the road I pulled into the next fuel station and in the process of having one of my cards again denied realised I’d left one of my cards in the machine at the previous station.

Little I could do about it there in yet another queue, but thankfully by debit card worked so I filled up and drove off, minutes later I stopped and used my ipad to cancel my card so hopefully there was no misuse of it.

On our journey today we stopped at a town called La Flèche on the River Loir, not the same river as last night, it was an attractive town and appeared quite prosperous judging by the 94 euro meal at one restaurant we looked at.

After the lost card incident we stopped outside a small village for lunch, it had a parkland area with a lake and someone had a small holding adjacent with a variety of animals.

Our stop for tonight is in a small village called Sainte Suzanne which is known a Cite Medieval and has other honours allocated to it for its natural beauty. During the afternoon the village was packed with guests for what appeared to be a ” society ” wedding, the guests were dressed very expensively and there was a large number of men in dress uniform from more than one of the services, the medals on chests made more noise than the church bells.

We enjoyed a walk around what was originally a castle that is reputed to have seen off an attack by William the Conqueror and now has a Chateau in its grounds.

The aire we are on tonight is again run and provided by the same company as that in Saumur, this time we managed the barrier with ease.

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