Oxford Recce.

October 25th 2017

A beautiful sunny October day so we thought we would take a ride to Oxford to undertake research prior to our planned three day visit in Homer over New Year.

Using the M42 and M40 it only took 2 hours to get there and apart from a slight hiccup at the very end of our journey when we overshot the entrance to the campsite  it was an easy journey. The site is advertised as parking on grass so there was a little concern with regard to parking up in the middle of winter, we walked around the site and found the site warden who was extremely helpful and informed us that during the winter units were parked up on the tarmac roads to prevent the problem.

The site is approx 1.5 miles from Oxford City centre so we took a slow walk into the city where we enjoyed lunch sitting outside a pleasant cafe, it was 18 degrees centigrade such a pleasant change to recent weather. A part of this walk was to evaluate how easy it would be to access the many restaurants there, it was interesting to see how regular the buses were.

As we are returning at the end of December we didn’t want to do too much sight seeing so we only walked around a small area and were impressed by the new development/shopping centres of course there is so much history in Oxford you can help but stumble over it round every corner.

Looking forward to the return trip.

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