Homer gets an aerial.

Nov 11th 2017

We aren’t great tv watchers, struggling at times to find anything we want to watch, we don’t do day time tv, we’re not soap fans and don’t get into historical dramas, we often select to turn the tv off for periods of time in the evening. We enjoy reading, doing puzzles and using our ipads, we don’t have a tv in France preferring in the summer to sit outside and listen to the crickets and in the winter stare into the flames as the logs burn in the grate.

However as we want to continue to use Homer throughout the winter months and it’s already getting dark by 4.30pm I decided to fit a tv aerial to Homer so we have an extra choice of entertainment in the evenings. We already have a suitable tv, purchased some time ago from Aldi, so after the usual research on the internet I decided to buy a Maxview Gazelle Pro Omni Directional TV and Radio Aerial. There wasn’t a great variation in prices from the suppliers but in the end I opted to buy one from Rainbow Conversions Ltd and it was duly delivered.

There’s always a slight dread of drilling holes through the shell of the motorhome but it had to be done, so after taking some measurements on the inside I climbed the step ladder, marked out the position to place the template and with a degree of intrepidation drilled the hole. A cry of “I can see light” from my senior DIY assistant reassured me especially when she added “where you wanted the hole!”

The aerial fitted quite quickly to the roof and I did a double belt job of using both the screws provided and Silkaflex adhesive. We attached the leads to the variable signal booster and to the tv and switched on, and no picture. There was power to everything so that wasn’t a concern, so the detective work began, tv taken into house, it worked there, obviously it was the signal from the aerial, I dismantled the cables and found one that wasn’t making proper contact, reconnected everything and eh presto the BBC appeared on the tv. So now we have an extra source of entertainment, the tv has a built in dvd player so we could watch films.

The neighbours who had been watching the activity from their house came over to enquire if I’d been banished to live in Homer!

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