Cotswolds visit

Nov 22nd 2017

It’s a tradition to pay a visit to the Cotswolds around this time every year, firstly because it’s a beautiful part of the country, secondly we like to do some Christmas shopping whilst there and thirdly on this occasion as a pre birthday treat for Michelle who reliably informs me she is 21 on Sunday, I should be so lucky!

Our first visit was to Broadway where we purchased a few items, we then went on to Stow on the Wold where we had lunch in front of a warming log fire followed by an hour visiting shops including the kitchen shop where we bought some extra plates to use on Christmas Day.

From there we visited Evesham and popped into a few charity shops to stock up on some novels and whilst in one I spotted a piece of Poole pottery that Michelle collects, it was a very reasonable price so I bought her that to go with the Anita Harris piece I bought the week before.

It was a very blustery day but at least it was dry and not at all cold, more than can be said for huge swathes of the country, it began to rain as we reached home and gradually over the evening turned into a downpour.

The following are photos taken in Stow and Evesham.

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