Moseley Old Hall -NT

Nov 25th 2017

Taking advantage of a cold but sunny day we today visited the National Trust property Moseley Old Hall to the north of Wolverhampton.

The hall was constructed around 1600 and the house was owned by members of the Whitgreave family until 1925 when it the estate was sold, the property and one acre of land was transferred to the NT in 1962. The grounds contain converted farm buildings, a herb garden, topiary, walled garden and a “knot” garden.

It’s claim to fame and historical importance is related to King Charles 2nd. After losing the Battle of Worcester on Sept 3rd 1631 Charles escaped and was on the run with a few loyal aides, after sheltering in several places and spending a night in the Oak Tree at Boscobel House, he made his way during the night to Moseley Old Hall owned by a loyal catholic family. He was greeted by Thomas and Alice Whitgreave and sheltered for two days, much of it in a Priests Hole, a daughter of the Whitgreave’s had permission to travel to Bristol, so Charles left there disguised as a servant and along with John Huddleston a family priest made his way to Bristol. Eventually they made their way to the south coast and escaped to France.

Tap photos to enlarge.

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