Worcester – Victorian Christmas Market

December 2nd 2017

This weekend is the annual Worcester Victorian Christmas Street Fair, although it has been going for many years this is the first time we have taken the opportunity to visit. All week we have had cold frosty weather and it seemed suitable to visit an event like this where the whole event was perfumed by the smell of mulled wine or cider if you preferred it, unfortunately the day has been grey, wet and miserable. The smell of cooking pork, sausage, burgers etc was very heady and made the stomach juices work, however with great inner strength we resisted. In fact our total spend was £1.50 for a box of cinnamon biscuits/ spekaloos from a stall manned by people from Kleve a city we visited a couple of years ago, we had a conversation about the features in Kleve, famous for producing one of the wives of Henry 8th.

Will definitely visit again but take the opportunity to go on the Friday when it should be quieter.

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