Hymer to Yanmar!

June 6th 2018

It rained a lot late yesterday evening and on into the night with thunder being heard quite plainly in the distance, stupidly I broke my own guidance learned from lessons last year ( see blog Things that go Bump in the Night) and parked under a tree, even when it stopped raining, there were loud drips on the roof for ages.

So after a disturbed sleep we left the aire at 7.45 am and drove 240 miles here to our house arriving at 12.30 with one short stop for coffee.

In total since leaving Schermbeck we have driven 910 miles in two and a half days, not bad for a 19 year old vehicle.

As often is the case the grass has grown tall since we cut it in April, over much of the field it is up to 60cm tall, it took three cuts on the sit on mower at steadily reducing cutting height to tame the grass at the front of the house.

Earlier in the year the manifold on the tractor cracked so I took it back to the UK to have it welded and I made a new gasket it for it, after using the sit on mower I turned my attention to the tractor and after 30 mins had refitted the manifold and exhaust. I then reconnected the battery turned the key and it wouldn’t start, there was power but nothing turned over, in desperation I got a length of thick electrical wire and connected the starter to the positive on the battery, there were a few sparks and puffs of smoke and the the tractor burst into life.

I then leapt on board and spent the next hour cutting the grass down to approx 20cm over an area approx half an acre in total, I was almost out of fuel so I parked the tractor and stopped the engine. I tried restarting it with the key and nothing, so it looks like it will be the wire again tomorrow.

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