Saint George’s sur Arnon

Tuesday 5th June 2018

We travelled 317 miles today 90% of which was on the autoroutes, we kept up a steady 60 to 65mph and it was very easy driving on the very empty autoroutes. We took two short breaks before heading off onto normal roads which were were a little slower, we were heading for Bourges which looked an interesting town and had a free aire..

When we arrived there the Aire was no longer in existence as it was now the entrance to a building site and the facilities were sealed up.

Back out came the reference books and maps and we then headed further south to the small village of Saint Georges sur Arnon.

The Aire here is part of what was once a municipal campsite, now out of use, there is free water and waste disposal and best of all it doesn’t cost anything to stay. We had left our previous site at 7.40 am and it was 4pm when we pulled up here, Layla is brilliant when travelling lying quietly as we travel but she made us laugh when we came to a halt. She jumped out of Homer sprinted across the grassy area and jumped into the lake.

She stayed in ages refusing to get out she was having so much fun!

The aire may be lacking in certain facilities but it is a beautiful quiet spot, lovely views and lanes to walk around.

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