Schermbeck to Charleville Meziers – France

June 4th 2018

After refilling with diesel following the recent debacle we left Schermbeck at 9.20 am, we quickly joined the autobahn system where we blasted along(joke) well we reached the giddy heights of 60mph once or twice, there were lots of road works going on so progress was slow.Once over the border into Holland it was smooth going and traffic was light, always a joy driving there. Then we entered Belgium and again we flew along for a while, occasionally cruising at 70mph, then as we got further and further south the roads deteriorated it felt like top of Homer would leave the chassis, I had to put my arms back in my shoulder sockets twice, progress slowed considerably. We limped over the border into France and made our way to the campsite we are on tonight, we had hoped to stay in an Aire but it was full and it was only 15 euros to stay the night here on the Municipal site at Charleville Meziers including electricity and it is situated next to a large river and marina.

Altogether we covered approx 240 miles today and need to do at least that amount tomorrow so it will be an early start.

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