Dog overboard!

June 3rd 2018

Today’s activity was a canoeing trip on the River Lippe not far from Schermbeck. A picnic was packed as we were informed there were islands in the middle of the river where we could stop and spend time having a picnic.

We were driven by our friends to a spot by the river where we parked the car and then were taken by van to the start of our journey. The canoes were unloaded and instructions given in German as to how to paddle, how to get in the canoes etc, I wanted a double paddle as experience has taught me it is the best way to steer and paddle if you are in the rear of the canoe, it wasn’t happily accepted by the man in charge but eventually he grudgingly gave me a double paddle.

We had to drag the canoes ourselves about 50 m down to the river which wasn’t the easiest of tasks but we managed it and set off on our exploration. We hadn’t gone far when we came across an island in the middle of the river but it was too soon to stop. Not long afterwards Layla decided to see what happened when she leapt out of the canoe! She found out she needed to swim and thankfully she did, I had to manoeuvre the canoe so that the river swept her towards us and Michelle hauled her back aboard the canoe. She rewarded us by shaking water all over Michelle and then sitting on my lap so we were all soaking wet.

There was lots of wild life on the river, plenty of bird life and we saw what I think was a coypu. We went over some fast flowing water where the river went through shallows , it was necessary to paddle constantly to keep in a straight line.

After paddling for approx two hours we found ourselves back at the base we had departed from earlier, there had been no other islands and no other opportunities to stop so we had to picnic there.

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