The Long Haul

Wednesday 11th April 2018

Well last night was entertaining to say the least, checking in and getting aboard went smoothly and after going to our cabin where there was a dog goody treat bag waiting, I went down to the bar and got us both a night cap. After we had sailed at 23.30 we decided to settle down for the night, now normally Layla sleeps in her dog crate settling down quickly and sleeping all night, of course we didn’t have that so we settled her on her blanket and switched off the light.

During the night she was quite restless and at differing times made her way up onto our bunks, eventually she settled by my feet so I left her there until an or so later I awoke to find her sitting by my head drinking my glass of water which was on the bed side table, needless to say she was again placed on her blanket. Later she joined Michelle and thankfully slept until it was time for us to stir.

The journey today was 381 miles on a mixture of A roads, dual carriageway, motorway and some minor country roads, it took us 8 and a half hours which included 4 stops which added up to approx 90 mins. We had completed 170 miles in the UK on the way to Portsmouth so we have covered some miles in the 23 hours since leaving home.

We were last here at our French house in December 2017 so there is always some trepidation after a long break when we arrive as to what we will find, we had intended to be here early in March but because I had fractured my wrist we had to postpone until now, I’m pleased to say there were no major problems . After lighting the log fires we are warm and cosy. The field is very wet and boggy and it may prove impossible to mow some sections but fingers crossed we will have some warm dry weather and it will dry out.

Layla thinks she has found heaven, since our arrival she has been zooming around and around the garden and field, the choice of sticks is too great and that has caused her some concern. After her excellent behaviour on the journey where she slept most of the time curled up by Michelle’s feet it was good to see her burn off energy, now at 9pm she is asleep!

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