Pollen attack.

Sunday 15th April 2018

Unfortunately I’m one of those people who suffer from hay fever, mostly caused by tree pollen. Every year in the Spring I arrive in France and begin the round of itchy eyes and sneezing and then when I return to the UK I have a few weeks of respite and then it starts up again there as the season gets under way, as we often are here in March and then May this means I go through the cycle twice every year and this break is no different as I try to carry out tasks with watery eyes and a handkerchief permanently at the ready. The weather has been warm and sunny since we arrived and we have been able to have our meals outdoors something we rarely achieve in the uk.

We have been here four days now and quickly slip into the familiar routine of French country life, we have helped the economy by spreading our money across several supermarkets and DI Y stores, we have visited a local market and to our own surprise a vide grenier at Gardonne where we didn’t buy anything.

There’s always a list of jobs we feel we have to try and tackle if time and weather allow, so far we have rehung the front door and increased security on the drive gates to prevent Layla wandering off. We have almost one hectare of grass that needs mowing and as it’s been a wet winter the grass in some areas is 40cm high, so that keeps me busy, Michelle spends her leisure time weeding her garden.

Layla is having an interesting time, she is able to wander at will but doesn’t go further than 15m from the house, she has developed an appetite for ants and other insects and has met a small grass snake which thankfully I was able to remove before Layla decided to play with it. She has on a second visit across our field struck up a friendship with the donkeys in the adjacent field and they have rubbed noses through the fence.

Peter and Alison friends from the uk that we motor home with arrived at their French house today and this will lead to a more active social life.

Our evenings are spent in front of the log fire toasting our toes and partaking in a glass of wine or two, bliss.

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