Tara a bit Round up 1

August 6th 2017

We have been here at our French base for 8 days now and it’s been a good balance between work and leisure.

On the work front we have been busy as always mowing the field and weeding the gardens and pruning back trees and bushes that grow extremely rapidly during the summer months. The senior housekeeper has been busy with hoover, mop and bucket preparing the house for guests  and I have also made an adaption to the tractor that will enable us to tow the trailer around the field.

Tow bar, bought from local supermarket!

I don’t think you could buy a towbar in Sainsburys in the UK.

 Hopefully we will find this very useful and remove the need to use the car on the uneven field surface.
Another task has been to fit the new door and door frame we transported with us from England.

The original much patched door.
A large chunk of plaster detached itself.
Senior decorator at work. ( known as 50:50).
The almost finished article.

Not a simple job there’s no such thing as a right angle in this house and one job always leads to another, need to re plaster an area of wall, never mind its in and we are weather proof and it’s shuts properly! The 50:50, well the senior decorator puts 50% of the paint on the receiving item and 50% on her self we always buy twice as much.

Ready for new connection.

I have redirected the hot water supply to the guests bathroom so it now works off the electric immersion heater and not the instantaneous gas heater, this should please our youngest daughter who whilst showering last year found the water went cold when the gas bottle ran dry! Over the next two days we intend to do some small renovation work, tiling, boxing in pipes and installing some new shelves, we will then give it a fresh coat of paint for which I’m well prepared with two tins of emulsion ready for the senior decorator.

On the leisure front we enjoyed the company of Peter and Alison who also have a property in the area enjoying a visit to Aubeterre with a pleasant lunch in the square, this was followed by a return to their property for a dip in the pool and an evening meal.

Church carved out of the rock face, Aubeterre .
Michelle in Aubeterre
Lunch in Aubeterre
Lovely to cool off.
Training for the olympics.

We also enjoyed visits to two local markets and two vide greniers where I managed to spend 1 euro 50 centimes and senior purchaser spent 41 euros!

Market at Montpon
Market at Ste Foye La Grande
Parked outside the wine depot in Le Fleix

Vide grenier Le Fleix
Vide grenier Le Fleix

Gensac vide grenier

Gensac vide grenier

That’s all for now folks.

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