Contemplating the Horizon

August 4th 2017

Where we are based in rural France there is limited organised entertainment. We aren’t connected to the world by TV and wifi works but quite slowly.

At  various times of the day and especially in the evenings we sit in one of three or four seating areas and contemplate the horizon.This easterly view is especially valued in the morning as the sun rises over the trees in the distance and is a favourite breakfast spot, it also reflects the evening sun at sunset.

Easterly view at sunset.

Easterly View
Westerly View

This is the westerly view looking out across the neighbours land for approximately 1.5 km and is where we often see the deer running around. It’s from this direction we get most of our weather travelling in from the Atlantic via Bordeaux.

Southerly view.
This view is to the bottom of our property and is the field we are slowly filling with fruit trees.

It is a regular occurrence for us to sit quietly and stare off into the distance, watching the variety of birds, insects on the flowers, the deer etc. Watching the way the wind moves the trees and grasses and letting the mind wander and float free,

Then as the day darkens the crickets begin their warm night sound and slowly one by one the stars appear until  there is a myriad of them to gaze at, the milky way is always very prominent and we can watch with the naked eye the satellites passing over head.

Who needs a TV?

And what about the North view you may ask, well it’s just as good but unfortunately we don’t have a seating area that overlooks it.

View to the North.

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