Deer, deer, deer.

July 29th 2017

One of the joys we experience in having a house here in the French countryside is the wildlife, especially watching the deer, chevreuil in French.

Yesterday when we arrived there were two running around in the adjacent field and they were there again later in the evening as we watched the sun go down, however what is more enjoyable is that we appear to have our own resident deer in our field. It doesn’t appear to comply to the norm of being out and about early morning and late evening, it’s been in the field on and off all day and it is quite approachable, we have been within 30 ft and it hasn’t run off. That is a worry with the Autumn hunting season approaching so we don’t want it to become too accustomed to humans.

Happily munching away.
Who you looking at!

The deer are Roe deer, they are quite small growing to 70cm tall and 130cm in length, they eat grasses, berries and leaves, unfortunately during the winter they also eat the bark off the trees, killing some in the process.

This morning we experienced a rather loud thunderstorm with heavy rain for about an hour but as usual the sun came out and the day became rather hot. We went to pay the house insurance but the agency doesn’t open on Saturdays or Monday mornings and closes for two hours for lunch every day, you can’t pay or access your account by internet and it doesn’t accept credit/ debit cards, laid back France.

 I spent the afternoon on the tractor mowing about an acre of field, unfortunately only the first cut it will need doing again at a lower level in a day or two. It’s just beginning to cool down a little at 8 pm so it’s time for a drink.

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