Onwards and onwards.

July 28th 2017

Last night the ferry arrived as scheduled and the unloading went reasonably smoothly even the French passport officer was smiling and happy and we departed from the dock at 10 pm French time.

Thankfully we know the route off by heart and we were soon making good progress, I had enjoyed a siesta earlier and wasn’t tired and had given thought to doing a great deal of the driving overnight. However it quickly became dark and it became apparent that Homer’s lights didn’t shine any further than 10 m in front of us. At first it was no problem as I latched onto vehicles heading in our direction but after approx an hour when everyone had turned off the dual carriageway/ motorway it became obvious we were going to make very little progress at a greatly reduced speed. We took the decision to pull off into a services area where there were a load of lorries parked up for the night, it wasn’t a 24 hour services so it was very quiet, a quick drink  later we sorted out the bed and bunked down for the night. Our first night in Homer in France in what I believe is the Calvados department.

We rose at 6am to a beautiful sunrise and after a quick coffee got on our way, traffic wasn’t heavy and on the whole we travelled between 55 to 65 mph dependant on the hills and speed restrictions. After 3 hours we stopped at the services and filled up with fuel and had a 30 minute break before pushing on to our destination arriving at 1.45 pm, I dashed into the French bank, shut for lunch, and deposited, in an automated system, a load of euros to pay the bills on the French house for the next three months. We pulled up at our house at 2pm.

After a quick drink I fired up the motor mower and cut the grass in front of the house so we didn’t have to wade around in long grass. Later I had the tractor on the go making a start on the other two and a half acres of grass.

We emptied Homer of our luggage and restored his dignity. no more wooden doors, pots of paint etc then chilled for the evening.

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