Bronte Country.

November 23rd 2019.

Our plans had originally been that today we would visit Malham Cove, but as the day was overcast and drizzly plans changed and instead Alison and Peter took us to the village of Haworth in Yorkshire, home of the Bronte family.

We commenced the visit by taking a walk to the railway station where we were lucky to find that they were running steam trains today, unfortunately we didn’t have time to take a ride on one.

We then walked back up the steep hill into Haworth itself, the main street was lined with lots of individual shops and cafes, the shops were selling craft items, paintings jewellery etc very interesting there were quite a few items we would have been quite happy to purchase.

At the top of the village is the church, old school and parsonage that are heavily linked to the Brontes and the stories that were written.

After lunch in Haworth we were driven back over the moors to a very difficult to find picturesque village of Wycoller a place visited by Charlotte Bronte and which is thought to feature in her writings.

The tiny village is at the end of a single track road, visitors have to park in a car park and walk approx half a mile to the village, there is nothing commercial here apart from a cafe that also sold a few gift items and sweets. It has a river running through that is crossed either by a ford or by several pedestrian bridges of ancient construction just wide enough for one person at a time.

We then spent a very pleasant evening at Alison and Peters eating Pizza and partaking of a glass of wine or two.

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