Croston – West Lancashire

Friday 22nd November 2019

Tonight Homer is resting his wheels on Royal Umpire Caravan Site near Leyland in Lancashire.

We have headed north to spend the weekend with our friends Alison and Peter who live nearby, we had also intended to meet up with another friend Gwen an ex French property owner now back in England but unfortunately she was ill.

The journey north on the M6 was as usual a soul destroying experience with about 30 miles restricted to 50mph because of the creation of a “smart” motorway which in my opinion is just creating a death trap if you break down. Any way enough of moaning …..

Alison picked us up from the site at 1.30pm and took us back to their house, during the week they look after Alison’s sons dog Buddy a beautiful spaniel, so after exchanging pleasantries it was decided to take Buddy and Layla out for a long walk.

We drove to Rivington an area of the West Pennine Moors near Chorley, the area we walked in was once owned by Lord Leverhulme who was born in Bolton, he was an industrialist and politician and became famous amongst other things for his soap industry, ” sunlight soap”, he created Port Sunlight and once owned the Isle of Lewis and South Harris. At Rivington he had a cottage, summer houses, a dovecote, pigeon tower, aviary, kitchen gardens, lakes and ponds. The original wooden cottage was burned down in 1913 by an enthusiastic suffragette who set fire to it after being driven there by her chauffeur!

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