Bidford on Avon.

Tuesday 8th September 2020

The weather today has been warm and sunny all day, a pleasant change.

This morning we took a public footpath across fields adjacent to the river to Bidford-on-avon, our round trip including a walk around this small town was about three miles.

The footpath brought us out at the end of the ancient pack horse bridge into Bidford, thankfully the traffic across the bridge is controlled by lights so you can walk speedily into one of the safety spots.

Prior to the construction of the medieval bridge there were three fords across the river, one of which was “ Byda’s Ford”. The town was on an important military route for the Romans and linked to the Fosse Way to the South.

The bridge was built by local monks in the 15th century and has undergone many repairs, during the English Civil War King Charles 1 had the bridge demolished to cover his retreat from Worcester, it wasn’t rebuilt until 1650.

The town has a few shops, cafe and pubs with a small co-op on the outskirts of town, enough for day trippers but I would imagine locals need to travel further afield to do large shopping. There are lots of moorings both private and for passing boats so I would imagine there is a steady trade from these travellers.

We spent the afternoon in relaxation mode and again enjoyed a drink, this time outside the pub, all in aid of chilling out of course.

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