Cottage of Content Pub Campsite – Barton, nr Bidford-on-Avon.

Monday 7th September 2020.

Homer’s restless wheels have today carried us to a tiny village of Barton outside Bidford-on-Avon, all of 37 miles from home.

Before setting off today we visited our local LPG filling station, the last time we topped up the gas tank was in November last year. It cost a huge £6.16 to fill up, 45p a litre and we took on 13.7 litres, that will keep us going until next year.

This site is to the rear of a pub in a very old building, is has a new modern toilet and shower block adjacent to the pub for camp site use.

The Cottage of Content Pub.

The purpose of this trip is to have a little chill out session, we have both been very busy lately and the bones are creaking so time for a rest. It only takes minutes to set up, out came the chairs and books and I began to relax. It takes Michelle longer to switch off so she took Layla for a walk through the adjacent field which leads down to the River Avon.

Weir with a lock for boat navigation behind.

Michelle’s circular walk took her past the pub and upon her return she decided we should have a drink to help with the relaxation process, off she trotted and returned with a beer and cider.

The medicine seemed to work and we began the slowing down process. After our evening meal we took Layla for a walk and explored the little local village, as we walked along we were surprised by the fruit in the hedgerows, big fat blackberries( ours have finished at home) plums, damsons and apples were all in abundance.

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