France – October 2021- Blog 4

Friday 15th October 2021

It’s been a busy week, non stop work, commencing Monday morning with a repair job on the roof. A tile had slipped and created a small hole approx 2cm in diameter in the under waterproof fabric which obviously when it rained heavily had been letting in a small amount of water above our main bedroom. Thankfully there wasn’t any serious or long term damage but it needed sorting. So out came the trusty well used scaffolding tower which takes me up to eaves height and then a short step forward and I’m on the roof, it took no time at all to remove an area of tiles, glue on a patch over the hole and relay the tiles, hopefully all now is fine, we will know when it rains.

Conforms to all health and safety rules.

We have been busy working on the grounds, hacking, chopping, strimming and mowing, I spent approx 10 hours getting the 3 acres of field into shape., whilst Michelle has been recovering her garden areas.

So far we have transported two large trailer loads of branches to an area in our woods where we let the branches slowly rot down and we have a further 3 loads waiting to go, with more to come when we trim the conifer and laurel hedges. Today I have been chain sawing all the large branches we have lopped into small logs for the fire.

It hasn’t all been work, there have been odd moments where we have snatched a beer in the sunshine.

Thirsty work gardening.

We have sat out quite late some evenings and seen some fine sunsets, the weather we have been having here has been superb with hot sunny days and clear starry nights, Thursday morning there was a thick frost.

Red sky at night.
Sunset with the moon out.

Tonight we have been to our regular haunt the restaurant at Beaupoyet where it was Chinese night, a starter of chicken and sweet corn soup, a second course of spring rolls and wontons with chilli sauce and a main course of chicken teriyaki with vegetables and fried rice. There were deserts to follow should you wish but Michelle and I refrained.It was a very pleasant meal and it was good to see Steve the proprietor and his partner and catch up on news. We are now relaxing in front of the log fire with a small drink, bliss.

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