France October 2021 – Blog 3

Sunday 10th October 2021

Sundays are vide grenier days, a quick look on the internet identified one not too far away in Port Sainte Foy, so off we set on a very misty autumn morning. On arrival there was no sign of any vide grenier, a quick look on Google ascertained that it wasn’t where we were but in a village called Ponchapt a few kilometres away which was in the Commune of Porte Sainte Foy.

A misty River Dordogne.
Port Sainte Foy

The drive there along narrow lanes was beautiful as we meandered through the vineyards, we climbed quite steeply emerging from the mist into wonderful sunshine.

The car park 🙂

The stalls wound their way around the village lining both sides of the narrow street, we bought two bed side lamps for a total of 5 euros and a wooden butter mold for 5 euros, not to mold butter, just as an ornament.

Basket weaver in action.
Roasting chestnuts.
Street entertainment.

Shortly after returning home our motorhome buddies ( who are also local French property owners) arrived for a chat and a drink in the sunshine. They left for lunch and we arranged to meet them at 3 p.m. at the local charity super store, what a bizarre way to spend a Sunday afternoon you may think, well it is but it’s a very bizarre place. It has furniture that could grace a chateau, huge pieces for less than 50 euros, items that bemuse us and we have no idea of what they are, loads of dross and occasionally a little gem. From there we went back to their bungalow, sat in the sunshine and enjoyed a well aged beer.

Rubbish disposal update.

Peter read the previous blog and he managed to track down the website for obtaining a card to open the black waste bins, so using his info I’ve applied for a card, the return email read we hope to be able to supply you with one within months.

Also on the webpage were details of how it works, in future the element of costs for rubbish collection will be removed from the council tax. There is a standard charge of 80 euros per year per household, you then have to opt for charges for use, the lowest rate is 65 euros which allows you to open the container 24 times, putting in a maximum of 2 x 30 l sacks, you will be billed for any further uses at a cost of 2.70 euros a time. The purpose is to reduce non recyclable waste but as we’ve already seen it will give rise to fly tipping, people are already leaving items/ sacks to the side of the containers. It will be interesting to see what develops.

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