France visit Oct 2021 – Blog 2.

Sat 9th October 2021.

Whilst Michelle occupied herself on cleaning the house interior I made a start on the exterior jungle, overnight on Tuesday I charged the tractor battery and first thing Wednesday morning I used the petrol strimmer to cut my way through the brambles to the tractor garage. Once inside with the battery now attached the tractor started first turn😁😁 Initially I mowed the front garden and the over grown limestone chippings drive, once down to a reasonable level out came the flymo and then the electric lawnmower by the end of the day we could walk around at the front of the house. I used the tractor to clear areas so that Michelle could hang out the washing and below the house an area for Layla to run around in as prior to that she had to keep springing up out of the long grass to see where she was. The next day we tackled the area around the well which has our bbq and pizza oven plus shady seating area, it was completely covered by wisteria, whilst I cut it down Michelle piled it onto the steadily growing bonfire pile, again by the end of the afternoon we had returned it to normal and I even had time to mow approx an acre of field.

The before view.
It’s looking better.
Layla’s play area.

Last night I read that the dustbin men ( sorry refuse collectors) had gone on strike in Marseilles because they had been asked to increase their working week from 21 hours to 32 hours, historically low because it was a strenuous job, they even got an extra 3 weeks holiday each year on top of the normal 5 weeks to recover from the efforts of their work.

This leads me onto our own refuse collection story, on Thursday and then Friday we put out our wheelie bins for collection and by Friday night we’re bemused they hadn’t been emptied, we began to surmise the collection days must have changed. Oh no, not that simple, our neighbour informed us that there wasn’t a refuse bin collection any more. Dotted around the area are containers that you have to take the rubbish to yourself 🤔

We had on our trip to the supermarket seen a cluster of the bins and assumed they were encouraging people to recycle more.

One such cluster of containers.

There’s one for glass, one for cardboard, one for recyclable materials and one for general rubbish, seems simple doesn’t it, but no you can’t actually use the general rubbish container without having a plastic i.d. card.

General waste.

You have to scan your card, push the button which releases the lid and you can put in your rubbish but it only takes allows you to put in two 30 l sacks. If you have a lot of rubbish can you do it twice, visit another container in a different spot? Who knows, does it record who is putting the rubbish in, do you get fined if you do it wrong? I’ve no idea, it does mention being fined but I can’t work out what for. Our kindly neighbour is ordering a card for us I’ve no idea how long it will take, will it arrive before we leave for the UK is another question, we could have a mountain of rubbish by then😂 I will keep you informed.

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