The Premier Aire

July 9th 2017

When travelling in England we regularly stay in a Premier Inn at approx 70 euros per night, so it’s a wonderful change this evening to say that we staying our first/ premier aire here in France at St Cirq Lapopie all for the sum of 7 euros for the night.

France is very motorhome friendly and many towns and villages provide stopping places for motorhomes and of course in return many motorhomers spend money in local supermarkets, shops restaurants etc. Some are cost free to stay the night, others a few euros, the facilities provided vary from the extreme basic to a full range, but of course most of us are pretty self sufficient only needing access to fresh water and toilet/ waste water disposal every few days.

We travelled 114 miles today stopping off part way at Villefranche du Perigord in a free parking aire, where we brewed up a coffee and then walked into town to take some photos and buy a couple of small fruit tartelettes for tea.

Working out the system.
Villefranche du Perigord
Villefranche Du Perigord
Villefranche Du Perigord

The last few miles to St Cirq were quite tight, a narrow road where the cliffs hung over the road and there were several tunnels, a quick turn right over the bridge which crosses the river Lot and we were at the aire which has parking for 50 motorhomes.

Aire at St Cirq Lapopie

 After a quick lunch we walked up the steep hill into St Cirq Lapopie which is a picturesque village catering for many tourists, we visited every shop and only spent 5 euros! 

St Cirq Lapopie
St Cirq Lapopie
St Cirq Lapopie
St Cirq Lapopie

We were just on the way back and Michelle decided to queue for an ice cream for us, as soon as they were in our hands it began to rain, by the time we got back we were a little damp, it has been a day of rain showers.

Queuing for an ice cream, had to be prune.

We had a leisurely evening meal followed by a walk along the river and back home for a night cap.

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