August 10th 2017

Well today has been a different driving experience, we have spent most of today’s 110 miles on small roads, one we took as a short cut through a mountain range was certainly a challenge full of twists and turns, ups and downs and a few bends where we nearly drove back up our own exhaust pipe before we were round the bend. Michelle tells me the scenery was beautiful but I wouldn’t know as there weren’t many occasions when the road was straight for more than 100 metres. That road finished at 1050 metres above sea level and we then drove for 7 km downhill and lost a lot of that height, didn’t use much fuel but put a strain on the brakes.

Our first stop of the day was Figeac, we pulled into an Aire approx 100m from the city centre and used its facilities to fill up with water, dump our rubbish and empty the toilet, we then walked into town and it poured with rain, wet legs and feet. We had a good wander around and did some food shopping in Casino. It’s a lovely place and I would visit again.


When we looked at the map for somewhere to move onto I saw the name Laguiole in the Monts D’Aubrac in the Lot region, this town is famous for its very expensive stylish knives and other cutlery, when I retired in 2010 and whilst we were in the Pyrenees I treated myself to one as a retirement present, it included of course a built in corkscrew. So with that in mind a visit to its birth place seemed appropriate.

My retirement present.

When we arrived and began to walk around, guess what it poured with rain! What’s going on here, is it a cunning plan to drive me into shops? But fear not a Laguiole knife shop, you would need a small mortgage to buy some of them, one I liked was 250 euros, sets of 6 were 650 euros!

Couldn’t get it off the wall.
Philip Stark design 210 euros each.
Just my size
Lagouile knife shop.

Instead we opted for another of the regions specialities its cheese, we lashed out 3.5 euros on a small portion which will go very nicely with our evening meal.

Tonight’s resting spot is about 10 km out of Laguiole and is at a ski station in the mountains, obviously at this time of year only used for walking but it’s large car park hosts parking for motorhomes and it is FREE at this time of year, a bonus after all that money spent on cheese.

Lagouile Ski Station
Ski slope, no snow!

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