Colognes La Rouge

August 11th 2017

Well what a night! When I selected to stay at the ski station I thought we could go for a ramble along the ski trails, no chance it began to rain when we parked up and shower after shower came down until approx 9 pm when it began to hammer down which it continued to do most of the night accompanied by strong winds. We were as snug as a bug inside Homer but noticed very quickly that the temperature dropped rapidly and for the last hour of the evening we put the central heating on.

When we got up this morning it was 8 degrees and we were surrounded by clouds accompanied by a heavy drizzle. Still as I found out when I looked on my altimeter app we were at 3,960 ft.

Driving down the mountain in restricted visibility was fun to say the least but gradually the clouds cleared and it began to dry up, apart from a quick stop to take on water, and then later for lunch, we made a run for it West, travelling 140 miles in the hope the weather would improve. It did to a degree the sun came out but there were still heavy showers, the heaviest of which saved itself for our arrival at tonight’s destination Colonges La Rouge.

This is a tourist beauty spot, a village which is very attractive and unspoilt if you accept there are a lot of shops and restaurants selling high quality goods to the tourists, we visited here with family last year and enjoyed it enough to want to return, my senior purchasing partner succumbed to a few items, a new leather purse and some jewellery, I bought a cross body bag to carry my phone camera etc when I’m without pockets.

These are some views of Collonges La Rouge.

Tonight’s Aire is a few hundred metres from the village centre and holds 40 motorhomes, it’s pretty full and has cost us 8 euros for the night.

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