Swiftly Home.

Saturday 12th August 2017

Woke this morning to a grey misty outlook, we decided to take the swiftest way home and headed for the autoroute, most of the roads we travel on aren’t too busy but what a culture shock as we drove down the slip road onto the autoroute, it was rammed with cars most doing 80 mph.

Homer tootled along at 60mph and took the crawler lane where necessary on the long haul up the hills, thankfully as we have our automated payment bleeper on the screen we are quickly through the barriers at the tolls.

We stopped off at Lidl in Mussidan to stock up with essentials,I forgot my wine! , and then filled up with diesel at Super U, we are averaging 24 mpg which I suppose isn’t too bad for a 2.5 litre engine pulling 3.5 tonne. 

And so endeth  our first trip away using aires, altogether including day time stops we used 5 aires, all very different, but what is outstanding in our minds is that we had three nights away where we only payed the sum of 15 euros in total. What a great way to travel.

Back here we have been busy, Michelle has caught up on the washing and I’ve mowed the grass again, looking forward to our next trip away in 8 days time.

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