Tara a bit Roundup 2.

August 15th 2017

We went to bed last night accompanied by a thunder and lightning storm which abated in the early hours, then at 8 am we had a really heavy shower of rain for 30 mins.

Today is a national holiday here in France, unlike the UK these holidays are not on a Monday but whichever day it falls on, which is hard luck if it’s a Sunday! However because it’s a Tuesday  today meant people and businesses have taken “the long weekend” finishing last Friday and restarting tomorrow. Unfortunately for those who were looking forward to a day out in this region it has been a poor day weather wise, thunder has been rumbling all day and there have been frequent short showers, definitely not BBQ weather. Considering it was scorching yesterday with temperatures over 30 degrees it would have been better to have had a fixed Monday holiday.

Not that 50:50 saw much of the sunshine yesterday she was emulsioning the walls in the barn lounge, of course being white paint she came out paler than when she went in. I was busy outdoors, not planned to take advantage of the sunshine of course, but involved in a repair job. When Michelle opened the kitchen shutters upon our return from our trip away a chunk of masonry around the hinge fell off, it’s a repair job that has been on my list for a while so now I had no opportunity but to get on with it.

Beside our very enjoyable trip away we have been pottering away at numerous small jobs, there’s never time to be bored when you own an old French house, after I replumbed the hot water we redecorated and I’ve taken the opportunity to box in some of the pipes.

We have managed to fit in another visit to a vide greniers and on Sunday visited one in St Laurent des Homme a small village not too far away.

St Laurent des Homme

At this vide grenier we both purchased a few items, I managed to find another copper garden pump to convert into a lamp, Michelle bought a brass scuttle and from another stall an unusual pot, the seller spoke a little English and was keen to tell us all about himself. He supported Man United, knew the names of English cities, thought we were very good at sport, especially the Tour de France and how he had been a cycling sprinter in his youth winning prize money, a very friendly and pleasant man.

I wrote in the last roundup newsletter that I’d fixed a tow bar to the grass cutter on the rear of the tractor to tow the trailer, here it is in action.

The fun part of this is that the weight of the trailer pushes down on the grass cutter which acts as a lever and lifts the front wheels off the floor, I never thought I’d do a wheelie on a tractor😊

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