Newmarket and Bury St Edmunds.

Wednesday Sept 8th 2021.

We started the day by driving to Newmarket in Suffolk, it is generally considered the birthplace and global centre of thoroughbred horse racing. As we drove through the town I missed the turning down a narrow street to the car park ( normal occurrence ) and we had to navigate a maze of back streets of the town with horses and jockeys riding down the road and turning into stable areas.

After finding the car park we went for a quick trot around the town, it is obviously a wealthy area but the actual high street wasn’t all that exciting so after approx an hour we galloped off to our next stopping place.

Outside The Jockey Club.

Taken in the grounds of The National Horse Racing Museum.

Our next stopping place was Bury St Edmunds, here we managed to park in a dedicated motorhome parking bay where you are allowed to stop over night for £1.After having lunch we set off to walk into town via the grounds of the ruined abbey which was built as a shrine to Saint Edmund, Saxon king of the East Engles.The grounds were being used by people for picnics or just to sit and enjoy the sunshine, the formal gardens were attractive and you could tell from the outline of the Abbey ruins how important it was.

We enjoyed walking around Bury St Edmunds, the streets had interesting architecture, there was a market in the centre of the town and a good mixture of small shops. We would certainly return here.

A further 30 minute drive took us to the campsite we are using for five nights, we want to explore Suffolk but couldn’t during our time frame find a suitable campsite, so we are just over the border in Norfolkshire. We are staying at The Red Lion Pub in Needham which has a small campsite for twelve units, the pub is only open for short periods on certain days and is mainly a food pub heavily used by locals.Unfortunately the wifi signal is weak and I’m having to do the blog a day later.

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