Woodbridge, Sutton Hoo, Aldeburgh.

Thursday 8th September 2021.

Our journeys today were mainly along B roads, very unlike the roads in the two counties above, these roads twisted and turned their way through the countryside, thankfully however traffic was light. One woman we met today proudly told us there were no motorways in Suffolk. Well at a stately pace we made our way to Woodbridge a town on the River Deben eight miles inland from the sea, it has a history of rope making and boat building, Sir Francis Drake had his fighting ships built there. It has a working Tide Mill one of only two in the UK. It is also closely associated with Sutton Hoo which is on the opposite side of the river.

Replica boat, Tidal Mill in the background.

We drove a few miles to Sutton Hoo which is National Trust owned, it was very busy but we managed to find a good space for Homer, after lunch we walked to the entrance and paid the admission fee of £28 for the two of us.

Sutton Hoo is the site of two early medieval cemeteries dating from the 6th to 7th century. One cemetery excavated in 1938 had an undisturbed ship burial with a wealth of Anglo Saxon artefacts, most of which are now in the British Museum. It is believed that Raedwald of East Anglia is the most likely king to be buried in the ship.The artefacts excavated showed influence and materials from not only Scandinavia but also of Mediterranean countries. The exhibition centre gives a good explanation of it all and has replicated some of the finds. The actual burial area with its mounds isn’t in my opinion very exciting perhaps if money becomes available they could recreate the grave where the King was buried inside his ship and give everyone a better idea.

Burial mounds.
Kings burial mound.
Carved tree trunk.
It was another hot cloudless day, this pig knew how to cool down.
View of Woodbridge from Sutton Hoo.

From Sutton Hoo we headed to Aldeburgh on the coast, north of the River Alde,we found some free parking alongside a lane leading to the sailing club, which according to one lady in her motorhome was free to park and you could stay overnight, the sailing club chose to ignore you. It was amusing because it was alongside a car park that banned motorhomes and charged cars to park. Layla enjoyed a play on the beach, well pebble bank, and we walked along the sea front into Aldeburgh, a pleasant place, obviously well to do, hardly a charity shop in sight

We drove back along some small roads including one the Sat Nav guided us to and Michelle confirmed the route, it was called Christmas Lane, it was just about wide enough for Homers wheels and there were passing places every few hundred metres, no hedges just ditches to each side, after three miles when we got to the end I wasn’t in a Christmas mood.😉I was so fatigued instead of cooking we decided to buy fish and chips from the nearby town, at £18 for the three of us I will be paying the debt for ages to come.

One Reply to “Woodbridge, Sutton Hoo, Aldeburgh.”

  1. Would really like to visit Sutton Hoo; looks really interesting. Might need to start saving for the fish and chips in Aldeburgh though. As for the narrow roads, just to what I do, close your eyes!


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