Lowestoft and Southwold.

Friday 10th September 2021

We used A roads today to take us to Lowestoft, we took the easy option and parked on a retail park a mile from the town centre, it was an easy walk in but the town didn’t have a lot to entertain us.

We walked down to the sea front and to the end of Heritage Quay, South Pier where there was an old sailing boat that is used to train people to sail or take a somewhat adventurous “ cruise”. Next to it was an old sidewinder fishing trawler named Mincarlo which was built in and worked out of Lowestoft. It was built in 1961 and used for fishing until 1974 catching mainly cod, plaice, haddock, skate and sole.In 1977 it began a new life as a standby vessel to the oil rigs in the North Sea. It is now a floating museum and we were warmly invited aboard, one ex crew member gave us a short talk about it’s life fishing in the North Sea and then we were free to wander around the boat.

Corridor to accommodation.
Dining room, sectioned to stop your meal sliding off the table.
The powerful engine.
Captain Birdseye.
Able seaman fish finger.
Where did I leave my ship?

After lunch in Homer we drove to Southwold, we parked in a field on the entrance to the town and bought some strawberries from a kiosk there.

We walked to and along the pier, the wind was fresh off the North Sea so we didn’t linger, again no dogs allowed on the beach so we walked along the sea front and up into the town. It is home to Adnams brewery and it was hard to miss being there in the centre of town, there’s a magnificent church and a wedding was taking place as we walked past. The town had a laid back feel to it and we enjoyed walking around the small shops, it was an easy drive back again on A roads.

Water powered clock.

This evening we have had a few short rain showers, first time in a week.

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