Tuesday 7th September 2021.

It was forecast to be really hot and sunny today and it has been. We decided to visit Cambridge as early as we could this morning, we caught the number 7 bus from a stop about 150 metres from the campsite, free for me of course and I suppose for Michelle too as I paid her fare😊 The bus seemed to take a circuitous route, taking in Addenbrooke Hospital on the way and a park and ride car park. When we planned to visit Cambridge we had decided to use the park and ride system as there are quite a few dotted around the city, however when we went on the web site to select the most convenient one we found out they all have a height barrier preventing any tall vehicle using them, poor policy Cambridge!Instead we booked this site so we could bus in.

Close to where we got off the bus we bought a guide to the city from one of the many mobile tourist desks dotted around the streets, it had a route plotted that took in most of the famous colleges. The first we saw was Peterhouse College.

The colleges are quite close together so it is easy to take a succession of photos, however it is obvious that they are preparing for this years intake of students, access was denied at most and some were having scaffolding etc removed after a summer spruce up, of course Covid restrictions were having an effect too, as a result most photos only show the exterior.

Pembroke College.
Punt rides, we were quoted a special discount price of £60 for the two of us, we walked.
The mathematical bridge.
Corpus Christi.
Light reflection doesn’t do this clock, The Corpus Clock or Chronophage, justice. The clock face is plated in pure gold and 3 rings of LED lights dictate how the time is read in seconds, minutes and hours.
Kings College.
The Fellows Garden, there are grassed areas The Backs behind some of the colleges which we thought we could walk on and see the other side of the buildings, unfortunately they were private to the colleges with security guards reinforcing the no admittance.
Magdalene College.

We bought some lunch from a street market and sat and ate it alongside the River Cam in Jesus Green, the ducks were disappointed not to receive a share. We wondered back into the city and had a drink in a cafe down a small side street, eventually after a further walk we had to admit defeat, we were so hot. Thankfully the bus was in at the station and 30 minutes later we were back at Homer enjoying a cold beer.

We had a good day and found the city fascinating, we will come again when the students are in situ as I’m sure it will feel completely different then.

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