Cambridge Caravan and Camping Site.

Monday 6th September 2021

We have a small window of time with no commitments so we have taken the opportunity to head off for a break. We have decided to tour Suffolk as it is a county that neither of us have visited as a tourist.

Having said that, tonight we are staying at the above campsite four miles out of the City of Cambridge, so not yet in Suffolk. We headed here via the M6, A14, A1 and the M11, all the talk recently has been of the shortage of truck drivers, well if more drivers are available and more trucks are on the road, then I’m not sure where the rest of us will fit, there were hundreds on our route today.

We didn’t drive directly to Cambridge instead taking a diversion to St Neots, we last visited there in July 2020 with our motor home buddies Alison and Peter, unfortunately when we chose to walk into town there was heavy rain, it was also after a period of Covid lockdown with many shops closed, so we didn’t get a favourable impression of the town itself. However the parkland adjacent to the river was very attractive.

Today we parked on a large car park adjacent to the river and the park and after fathoming out how to get a ticket out of the parking machine we had lunch. Today it has been a blue sky sunny day, the temperature 27 degrees which felt very unusual after the grey August we have endured and so it was an enjoyable stroll that we took around the town( spending a magnificent £3.50 in a charity shop for two books) and then let Layla off for a walk in the park, where as if by magic she managed to fall in the pond. Accident, I don’t think so, she is a menace near water.😊

Art work at the entrance to the car park.
View from the bridge.
Chill out time.

It was an easy 30 minute drive from St Neots to tonights site which is large and well laid out and immaculately maintained as per usual with these sites.

2 Replies to “Cambridge Caravan and Camping Site.”

  1. An interesting return view of St Neots. When we stayed last time, I think it was by the river where we walked downstream to enjoy a pint outside the pub.
    Have a nice time.


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